19th Aug
dwh comp

Competition: Win 3 Die With Honour Tees

We’ve teamed up with the good people at Die with Honour Clothing to give a chance to win 3 Tee’s as seen below. All you have to do is share the image on this link, and like and leave a comment on the Die With Honour Facebook page

11th Aug
AGE 101

Little Simz – AGE 101: DROP 1

Don’t let her petite physique fool you, Islington’s Little Simz proves her worth on her recent E.D.G.E release. Her quick-fire lyrics effortlessly lay over, well-produced, often lengthy beats with vocal features from Josh Arcé, Chuck20, AGO’s Waldo and Tilla

05th Aug

Chester P – Legends (RIP KING ROBBO)

New single from Chester P! Following the sad passing of one of London’s all out Kings, ROBBO, all funds raised from this track will be used to help support those closest to him in such hard times.

30th Jul
Cracker Jon & 2late Front Cover

Cracker Jon & 2Late – You Can Take The Cracker Out Of Croydon – Review

You Can Take the Cracker out of Croydon is the space where Cracker Jon tells us about his life and everything in it. A mode of music making which focusses solely on two things – his words and the sheer brilliance underneath the lyricism: the work of 2Late.

21st Jul
Enlish AKA Big Dave – Mick Dundee

Enlish AKA Big Dave – Mick Dundee

Taken from Delicious Heat – out now as a free download from enlish.bandcamp.com

17th Jul

Lowkey – Legacy Interview from 2009

Kareem Denis was 17 when he first silenced us in 2003 on the airwaves from Radio 1. At that moment as he laced those few bars with Doc Brown we were introduced to the formidable talent known as Lowkey. Since then he’s blessed us with a string of goodness ‘Key to the Game’ vol 1, 2, and 3 ,the last of which had the heartfelt ‘Bars for my Brother’, and his work as part of the rhyming heavyweights Poisonous Poets

17th Jul
Bang Dirty tri polar

Bang Dirty – Tri Polar – Review

Scotland’s been getting a hard rap in the rest of Britain lately. What with the looming independence debate and everyone from Obama to Billy Connelly to rubber-faced cunt-sponge Nigel Farrage wading in and giving their two cents, there’s been a lot of anti-Scottish sentiment floating around. If Scotland does succeed in divorcing itself from its southern neighbour, Britain won’t be able to lay claim to one of the most profound and brilliant hip-hop albums of this decade.

15th Jul

Progressive & broad-minded music from 808Charmer and his AlphaStateArcade EP.

22 year-old 808Charmer released his truly eclectic EP; AlphaStateArcade today. The 15 minute well-thought-out project showcases the young Londoner’s unrivaled creative flair. Making a name for himself as one half of the equally progressive 808INK duo

15th Jul
Cyclonious – RappertagUK 40

Cyclonious – RappertagUK 40

Cyclonious got tagged in by Big Cakes – see who gets tagged in next

17th Jun

Boom Bap Festival 2014 – UKHH Ticket Offer

Boom Bap Festival is the biggest Hip Hop event in the UK, make sure you take advantage of this ticket offer!

07th Jun
Big Cakes RappertagUK 39

Big Cakes RappertagUK 39

Big Cakes got tagged in by Mike K-llejero – see who gets tagged in next

03rd Jun
phili n dotz

Phili N Dotz – Phil N The Dotz review

Two figures who have mastered their crafts tighter than most, Si Phili of the illustriously celebrated Phi-Life Cypher joins forces with The Jump Off rap battle slayer Dom Dotz to form Phili N Dotz, making a solid impact with their latest release – Phil N The Dotz.