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 The Sweet Tender Hooligans The Sweet Tender Hooligans EP

Little known Cardiff collection, The Sweet Tender Hooligans, consist of Louis Boston & Deemo. Little known maybe, but big on skills and artistry that makes even veteran duos appear ill-equipped. Releasing their latest EP / Demo on the free also means they must be bloody generous fellows too.

Rolling 5 tracks deep, the impact of this project doesn’t take long to hit home. As soon as the massively jazzy “Visually Vain” begins to smack your lug holes, you’ll never be the same again. Then the lyricism takes hold and it’s clear you’re being delivered the whole package. The hardest hitting is without a doubt “No Imitation” with it’s deep cello and retro snyth sample, it sounds like something Monster Island Czars or MF Dizoom himself would masterfully create. Both emcees do what’s only right, smacking the beat with thoughtful lyrics energized delivery.

The sheer consistency of both vital Hiphop elements (that’s emceeing AND beats dummy) rarely relents and for that, the S.T.H. deserve some serious kudos. You only have to have one listen to this release and you’ll be convinced of it’s shine. Shine on the S.T.H., shine on. Oh, did I tell you can get it free from the below? Well check it out sunshine.

- 2Hip

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