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 Paris Zax Unpath'd Waters LP

Paris Zax is an LA based producer who’s worked with the likes of Busdriver and Shape Shifters in recent years, while Alpha Pup is the new label from legendary producer Daddy Kev, who set it up to push through the work of friends and associates who might not otherwise be able to release their music the way they’d want to.
‘Unpath’d Waters’ is the label’s first major offering since they set up and is a pretty damn nice one at that. Roping in help from jazz legends Snooky Young and Bob Elford as well as Ozomatli guitarist Will Dog, Paris offers up 45 minutes of instrumental niceness, hoping from moody pieces to a film noir soundtrack feel to broken down hip hop beats. With a strong downtempo feel to most of the album, this is more than just instrumental beats as he carries throughout a strong compositional aspect to the tracks and a good dose of live elements that spice his music up and emphasise the composition. Overall this is really one of those albums you can just put on, press play and get on with, a perfect soundtrack to your day or your mood. And with the weather getting nicer it’s also a fine album to stick on while you laze in the sun or get stuffed on bbq food. Whichever way you end up consuming it you can’t really go wrong, this is some fine instrumental music like they don’t make much of anymore.

- Kper

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