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 Eddie Murphy Delirious DVD

One of the all time classic comedy performances in many peoplesí eyes is finally available in a crisp DVD format. At the time, Delirious changed the face of comedy and has since influenced many comics such as Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.

Itís hard to believe that Eddie Murphy was just 22 years old when he donned that red leather suit and swaggered confidently across the stage in Washington D.C. It may be nearly 24 years since it was first aired on HBO, but a lot of the appeal is still there in this ground-breaking performance.

Most of you will remember the show for the classic impressions Murphy used to pull out including a young Michael Jackson and Mr. T, not to mention his lively enactment of a dysfunctional family barbeque.

The included extras also make it a must have, as they include little snippets of previously unseen footage and a recent thirty minute interview with the man himself. Conducted by Byron Allen, the interview shows a different, more refined side to Eddie Murphy. He gives his thought and insights into how the show was perceived and the controversy it caused at the time. He also reminisces about his past and delves into his comedy past and stand-up influences, which oddly enough includes Bruce LeeÖ

An essential DVD for your collection, itís due to hit the streets on March 26th

a lot of the appeal is still there in this ground-breaking performance

- Louis Soul


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