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 Big Smoke Issue 2 magazine

Big Smoke MagazineFor me this magazine fills a void in our scene, weíve got websites, people practising the four elements the length and breadth of the country etc. but no magazine to represent everyone. Well this does just that, and for just £2.99! Building on the last issue Big Smoke is back and better than ever, with more colour. It still keeps probably the freshest design of any mag, using the Vinyl sleeve ideaÖ Pure genius. Its written by people who give a fuck, and designed by people who know what eye candy tastes like, Big Smoke stands for bare quality.

Interviews with Reveal, PQ, Krispy, Dexter, Cookie Pryce, Microdisiacs, Fingathing, Taskforce, MSI & Asylum, El-Fudge & Mr. Complex, Skam & Kama, thatís certainly something to be impressed by! Add reviews, features on Hold No Hostage (who present some nice graff bits), then some Rage and Ronin Records features, plus some news and youíve got the magazine that represents you, the fan! There really canít be a harsh word said about this, if you donít own a copy youíve got to get one. In fact the only gripe is that Iíd like a new one more regularly, plus that would keep the content a little more up to date. Get your copy by writing to

Big Smoke Magazine
PO BOX 1002

Or email subscriptions@bigsmokelive.com

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