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 Recall Recall 7"

Some more tasty Welsh flavour on this limited press 7” from Recall on his own Microgram label. Four tracks deep, we kick off with my favourate cut, ‘Volcanoes’. Featuring the Headcase Ladz on vocals it’s a dense mix of heavy bass, spooky organ riffs and synth noise. The drums are tough and Headcase put in a good performance with their own distinctive style contrasting well with the intricate backing and splendid off-centre scratching.

Next up is ‘Rapids #1’ a (very) short excerpt from a longer track, full of delayed speech and synth drones - quite an intriguing taster for Recall’s forthcoming LP.

The flip begins with the instrumental cut ‘Mindmatter’, based around a building guitar riff and hectic gritty drums. There is a clear DJ Shadow influence here, especially in the rhythm programming and structure, which in itself is no bad thing. The 7” is then rounded off by another vocal cut, ‘Psychoanalysis’, which features MC Sleifar from Tystion. Distorted vocals (as usual in Sleifar’s native tongue), gritty drums and sprays of static lace the track. It’s perhaps not to everyone’s taste, but I liked it.

If you’re looking for shiny, clean, US-style production and lashings of phoney bling-bling, then Recall isn’t really going to interest you. However, if you’re open minded and willing to take a few steps away from the mainstream, you’ll find a whole world of artists pushing at the boundaries of hip-hop and Recall’s one of them.

- Twizt


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