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 Electric Pimpernels & Dabhand Verbs For My Headache b/w Movements And Reflections 7"

Up and coming northern label Rawcreation drop the first of two limited edition 7’s to be seen in the opening months of ‘06. And what a better way to start than by showcasing two of the labels artists in one fell swoop? The first being Electric Pimpernels ‘Verbs For My Headache’. Some extended key samples produce a very warm, relaxed track which the emcees inject a bit more urgency into aided by some fast fingered cutting by Mista Ed. On the flip is a slightly more abstract groove courtesy of Dab Hand. ‘Movement Reflections’ echoes the a-side with it’s mellow production, however the much less energetic vocals, delivered in French by Le Spy keep the overall vibe of the track like a lazy beach day (that’s a good thing!)

Two really chilled out, yet very different tracks squeezed onto a 7” piece of black vinyl. In the words of Hugh Fernley-Wittingstall “a feast indeed”.

Two really chilled out, yet very different tracks

- 2Hip

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