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 Aspects Psychoboogie 7"

I know a fair few people have been on the look out for this limited edition 7, I know they wont want me to say this but you really have got to get this! Sure as with all 7 its going to be a novel item, but this is novel with the added impact of being bloody great. Its only one track, but its not JUST a track. The production is genius and changes all the time, with the break beat being the main focus. Great sound bites are used, which are funny and quirky. Aspects use their West Country accents to great effect, always sounding refreshing and original with brilliant lyrics. This is a must for any crate digger, and would be a sure record to show and play your other sad record junky mates. Get it, and if your from around Bristol your even more likely to find it, because all the shops seem to have it. Imperial Records on Park Street had three of these babies, so act quick!

- 2Hip | profile


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