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  Pit Man   Phone Pitman 7"

Gary Glitter, battered sausages, nits, down the pits and mopeds. Who else could this be but the hilarious MC Pitman. I think this is a promo hence the reason its on 7". I think he is off his head, hence the tunes. On side A you have "Phone Pitman" in which you hear his replies to a poor sod who has called him up to rap down the phone to him. With lines like….

"So you think Jay Z is blowing up? He's blowing something, Girls, girls, girls, girls, he adores, Elton John got married mate, ya get meeeeee?"

… it was always going to appeal to me. This is line after line of comedy and no ones safe, Jamie Oliver gets a right good slagging and rightly so by the self confessed white hair, Jimmy Saville look alike.

MC Pitman on the flip side drops a bit of Jungle on "Jungle Pit" the least listened to tune on the record for me, but hey that's me. Its still a good track as far as jungle goes with a few Hijack snippets.

Pitman says, however, had me in stitches as well as anyone else who has ever heard it! It's a topper and very funny indeed. Straight from the start Pitman takes apart the "Simon says" track and, well makes it kiss his arse. "Emcees at the back…Fuck off" says it all. "That's right I said it, rub your bits" I cant class this one high enough. It has all the humour and originality that the UK has been looking for. I'm off to the shop cos someone's stole my biscuits… "You can't have my biscuits"

- Riz | profile


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